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On Klein's Errors, Time's Semi-Stonewall and the Net's Power

The furor surrounding Joe Klein’s misguided column of a week ago continues, incredibly, given Klein’s bizarre insistence on digging the hole deeper instead of forthrightly acknowledging error(s) and moving on. But this is not just about a columnist’s mistakes and tone-deafness. This is a debacle for the publication and company that employs him, because Time […]

Why Facebook Won't Be Uber-Network

Cory Doctorow has a very smart analysis in Information Week about why he doesn’t fear Facebook taking over the world. Quote: Every “social networking service” has had this problem and every user I’ve spoken to has been frustrated by it. I think that’s why these services are so volatile: why we’re so willing to flee […]

Citizen Journalism Tools in a Box

The folks at the Tactical Technology Collective are planning to release soon a “Citizen Journalism Toolkit” that will provide accessible and effective training materials on selected free software tools and web applications with a focus on giving people what they need to know in order to create and distribute content. The materials will cover print […]

Thoughts on Google Phone?

Several of you have asked, but I’m still digesting the news. More later…

Sounds a Little Like Community Journalism…

NY Times: Not All Is Gloomy in Real Estate: A Blog Network Attracts Capital. In some respects, sites like Curbed are insulated from the woes of the real estate market in a way that traditional sites may not be. “We’re not just about real estate,” Mr. Steele said. “People come to the site to talk […]

Murdoch is No Hero

NY Times: Murdoch, a Folk Hero in Silicon Valley. But on the left coast, Mr. Murdoch is truly among friends. The attendees at the Web 2.0 conference know him as the ultimate market timer, the guy who swooped in out of nowhere and bought MySpace for $580 million two years ago, before its audience doubled […]

Fox News' Control Freakery with Politicians

NY Times: Fox Bars Candidates From Using Its Images. The Fox News Channel sent notices to the campaigns of the leading Republican presidential candidates ordering them to stop using images from their Fox appearances in their campaign ads. The notices were sent out after the network was criticized for singling out only Senator John McCain’s […]

Deconstructing Knight Ridder's Decline

Business Week” A Cautionary Tale for Old Media. The collapse of Silicon Valley’s daily newspaper is in many ways the story of American newspapers in the 21st century. The industry has reached a near-crisis point. Many dailies are losing circulation at an alarming rate, and local newspaper ad spending fell 3.1% last year, to $24.4 […]

Free Speech and Public Records: Not Just for Journalists

I’m on the board of the California First Amendment Coalition, which is holding its annual “Free Speech and Open Government Assembly” this week in LA. This afternoon I”m moderating a panel with some prominent bloggers.

How Burma Censored the Net

The Open Net Initiative, in “Pulling the Plug: A Technical Review of the Internet Shutdown in Burma,” examines the role of information technology, citizen journalists, and bloggers in Burma and presents a technical analysis of the abrupt shutdown of Internet connectivity by the Burmese government on September 29, 2007, following its violent crackdown on protesters […]