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New Berkman Report: State of Digital Media

Over the past year and several months, Persephone Miel has been leading a Berkman Center project, funded by the MacArthur Foundation, called Media Re:public: an assessment of the changes in new media over the past several years and … a sober look at the successes and ongoing challenges. The goal was to look at journalism […]

Dissecting Financial, Buzz Impact of TimesSelect

Jon Garfunkel has done prodigious work in analyzing the impact of the now-abandoned pay model at the New York Times. The eight parts of “The TimesSelect Reader,” his report, are all worth reading. Key finding: Despite complaints from bloggers (including this one), the pay site did not begin to remove the Times columnists from the […]

Media Transparency, or Lack Thereof

The The International Center for Media and the Public Agenda has released a fascinating and valuable study of transparency at 25 major journalism organizations with global or otherwise widespread audiences: A majority of the public believes the media can’t be trusted. Which global news sites are most transparent about their operations? Not necessarily the ones […]

Blog User Survey

Some academic folks I can vouch for are doing a survey of blogs and blog readers about policy topics, specifically politics. To participate, click here.

Survey of Blog Readers

The University of Tennessee is conducting a survey “to examine the uses and users of blogs.” If you want to participate, click here.

New Report Shows How News Orgs Encourage Audience Involvement

We’ve just posted “Frontiers of Innovation in Community Engagement” — a report that looks at how traditional media organizations are starting to involve their audiences in the journalism process. Lisa Williams of Placeblogger and H2otown fame did the heavy lifting for this report, which will evolve as we learn more. Here’s the executive summary: As […]

China Blogs and Journalist Views

Rebecca MacKinnon has compiled a thorough and fascinating study of foreign correspondents’ views in China of the blog scene there — “Blogs and China correspondence.” Most interestingly, she says in an email: people generally found the question comparing “reliability” of blogs vs. msm to be completely beside the point.

Political Transparency Project

As noted in an earlier posting, the Sunlight Foundation has awarded us one of its “Transparency Grants” for a test in California. As the foundation noted, we intend to develop an Election Year Demonstration Project for citizen journalism in one Congressional district. CCM will oversee the creation of a website that will seek to cover […]

Latest Online Ruse Shows Need for Caution

LA Times: Lonelygirl15’s revelation: It’s all just part of the show. After amateur sleuths uncovered apparent links between the Creative Artists Agency and the official lonelygirl15 MySpace page, a statement claiming to be from “The Creators” was posted on the lonelygirl15 website late Thursday. It read in part: “Our intention from the outset has been […]

Most Bloggers Aren't Journalists: So What?

Slate’s Jack Shafer expresses apparent suprise that the Pew survey I mentioned this week shows a distinct minority of bloggers who consider themselves journalists. Since when was it otherwise?