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Weekend Reading: Fiction About Journalism's Future

Andy Oram’s “Validators” is short fiction “based on the premise that journalism had been replaced by Internet access.” Intriguing…

Creative Commons Party Tonite, San Francisco

If I wasn’t in Phoenix today I’d be at Creative Commons’ Birthday Party 2008 in San Francisco tonight. Creative Commons deserves your support even if you can’t go to the event. Donate here.

NY Times Live-Blogging Thanksgiving? Good Grief

I don’t plan to click through to that one… But to the rest of you: Happy Thanksgiving, our finest holiday.

Microsoft Doesn't Like Monopoly…Excuse Me?

The news so far from the Wall Street Journal’s All Things Digital conference is Bill Gate’s unintentionally hilarious comment in last night’s show-opening interview, in which he said: “Guys like us avoid monopolies. We like to compete.” Who knew? Ballmer and Gates teased the next version of Windows, showing some multitouch features that have appeared […]

Off Topic: Need Good IMAP Email Client for Blackberry

For a number of reasons I’m now using a Blackberry Curve as my main phone. But its email system is beyond dreadful for anyone who’s not locked into a Windows-Outlook-Exchange environment. Mainly, the Blackberry IMAP connection is pathetic, a kludge that is almost worse than nothing. It doesn’t understand folders. It doesn’t reflect answered messages […]

Out of Commission…

Been socked with the flu, and only now starting to feel human again. Postings will resume but not right away.

New Disclosure…

So the boxes are mostly unpacked, I have a new driver’s license and keys to the new office. About time to get back in the blogging saddle. A new disclosure: I’ve invested in Seesmic, a Web video company that in my view has the potential to take conversational online video to a new level. The […]

In Phoenix; Mail Back Up

The email problems during the past few days have been resolved, with no loss of messages. I’m in Arizona, unpacking boxes. Postings will remain light for the next few days as I get settled.

Happy Thanksgiving

As an old friend once said of humanity on this best of all American holidays: We need more pilgrims and fewer turkeys.

Back in the Saddle

Was a bit under the weather this week, but back to normal… Thanks to folks who inquired about the absence of blog posts.