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Wikipedia as Vital Breaking News Source

Take a look at today’s Wikipedia entry on today’s Mumbai terrorist attacks — a comprehensive and valuable addition to the breaking news we’re getting from TV and other sources. There are two fundamental elements to note: the rapid updating and the long list of links at the bottom. No, we can’t fully trust what we […]

(Some of) News' Future

Excellent round-up and sound predictions by Jeff Jarvis today in “A scenario for news” — and some good reasons not to be pessimistic.

Knight Stanford Fellowships in the 21st Century

There are big changes afoot in the Knight Fellowships program at Stanford University: Beginning with the 2009-10 fellowship year, the program will put a new emphasis on journalistic innovation, entrepreneurship and leadership. These are among the premier journalism fellowships in the U.S., and the changes — among other things, non-traditional journalists will have a better […]

Bogus Beliefs about Obama; Newspaper Does Only Part of Its Job

The Houston Chronicle reports a poll that “finds 23% of Texans think Obama is Muslim” but stops there. If I ran a newspaper in Texas, I’d make it a mission to help that quarter of the population learn a) that Obama is not a Muslim; and b) that, as Colin Powell said (and so few […]

Tony Hillerman, R.I.P.

The New York Times’ obituary of Tony Hillerman, dead at 83, covers his life and work with great detail. He was indeed one of our finest mystery writers. His work centered around the Southwest and were set around Native Americans and their lives. But I wanted particularly to mention his 1971 novel, The Fly on […]

Barcelona Blogger Meetup Tonite (Friday)

We’ll be at Dos Trece at 8 pm. Location: c/Carme 40 at the corner of c/Doctor Dou.

Furthering Citizen Media: Interview

David Silverberg interviewed me for a series he’s running on My entry is called “The Journalist With a Business Edge“.

Knight News Challenge: Apply for Funding for Innovative Projects

Here’s the latest from the John S. and James L. Knight Foundation (funder of some of our work) on its 21st Century News Challenge, a contest awarding as much as $5 million for innovative ideas using digital experiments to transform community news and information exchange. The deadline for applications is Nov. 1, 2008. With the […]

ABC News Responds on Anthrax, Sort Of

Props to TVNewser’s Steven Krakauer, who has an interview with Brian Ross of ABC News. Ross is the journalist who in 2001 fueled our national fears with his reporting on the anthrax killings, citing unnamed sources who falsely linked the anthrax attacks to Saddam Hussein and Iraq. In light of recent (and still somewhat murky) […]

Helping the Almost-Journalists Do Journalism

UPDATED Doing journalism at its most basic level is a combination of two essential tasks. The first is reporting — gathering information via research, interviews, etc. The second part is telling your audience what you’ve learned — writing (in the broadest sense, including video, audio, graphics and more) and editing. The demolition of the professional […]