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NY Times Goes Hyperlocal

New York Times: Hey Kids, Let’s Put on a Blog! Starting today, The Local is an online news site for these communities. But if we build it right together, The Local will be something much more: a glorious if cacophonous chorus of your voices singing the song of life itself in these astoundingly varied and […]

Hearst: Huge New SF Cost Cuts, or We Sell/Close Paper

Hearst Corporation announced today that its San Francisco Chronicle newspaper is undertaking critical cost-saving measures including a significant reduction in the number of its unionized and nonunion employees. If these savings cannot be accomplished within weeks, Hearst said, the Company will be forced to sell or close the newspaper. We’re approaching an end-game of the […]

Philly Boss: Me First

UPDATED Forbes: Boss Got Raise As Philly Papers Tanked. As the parent company of The Philadelphia Inquirer and Daily News slid toward the Chapter 11 bankruptcy filing it made over the weekend, one employee did well on the pay front: CEO Brian P. Tierney. How disgusting is this? The arrogance of the people like Tierney […]

Endowing Newspapers: What Are We Saving, Anyway?

There’s a debate under way in the newspaper/journalism corner of the blogosphere and Twittersphere, spurred by an op-ed commentary in the New York Times earlier this week. The piece, by Yale’s chief investment officer, David Swensen, and his colleague Michael Schmidt, a Yale financial analyst, starts with a questionable idea — that newspapers should be […]

LA Times Lists 'Foreclosures' in Top Web Classifieds Categories

From the top of the current LA Times homepage: Could we be reaching a bottom soon in the real estate market?

Authors: Government Censorship Better than Corporate

UPDATED (with response from one of the authors) LA Observed has a post about how KRON TV in San Francisco disinvited the authors of a new book from a talk-show appearance after discovering that the book, No Time to Think: The Menace of Media Speed and the 24-hour News Cycle, takes shots at the crappy […]

A New Milestone: Consumers Union Buys Consumerist Blog

NY Times: Consumers Union to Buy a Blog From Gawker. It will become part of a new division of Consumers Union, and the current editors will remain. No plans are under way to change the coverage or to begin charging for the site. “We don’t want to acquire the Consumerist and then squelch it in […]

GateHouse v NY Times Co.: Not So Simple After All

UPDATED One of the most intriguing current media legal cases pits GateHouse Media, which owns a pile of newspapers in New England (and elsewhere) against the New York Times Co., owner of the Boston Globe and (UPDATE: A Judge has denied, for now, an injunction.) I’ve been looking at this from both sides’ perspectives, […]

Unethical Practices by Ex-General and NBC News

UPDATED The New York Times’ David Barstow has an astonishing piece in today’s paper, “One Man’s Military-Industrial-Media Complex,” about former “drug czar” and retired general Barry McCaffrey, one of many retired military people working as supposedly independent analysts for various news organizations but who are anything but independent. The story’s biggest surprise — perhaps it […]

Poor Ad Practice at

Every time I load a new page on the Washington Post’s website, the following pop-over ad interferes with my reading. I keep clicking the X in the corner indicating my lack of interest in participating in the survey, but to no avail. This thing won’t leave me alone. So I guess I’ll stay off the […]