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Posts under ‘Free Speech’ Glimmerings of a New Transparency

Jason Kottke notes the new robots.txt file at — down to a single “disallow” from more than 2,400 yesterday.

CNN's Small Mistake, Apple Shareholders' Big One

UPDATED NY Times: Apple Denies ‘Citizen Journalist Report’. Apple’s stock took a brief roller coaster ride this morning after a CNN “citizen journalist” wrote that an “insider” reported that Steve Jobs had been rushed to the hospital with chest pains. Aha! Those infernal citizen journalists are ruining the world! Calm down. CNN got used. Maybe […]

Skype Cannot be Trusted, Period

As Salon notes in “Skype sells out to China“, the eBay-owned service has collaborated with a Chinese company to enable spying on the allegedly encrypted messages that Skype users send each other to and from, and within, China. This disgusting sellout should surprise no one. Skype and its corporate parent, eBay, have been evasive about […]

Wikileaks Domain to be Restored as Judge Realizes His Error

Citizen Media Law Project: Judge in Wikileaks Case Reverses Course, is Back Online.

Journalists in Fear of Their Shadows

Christopher Hitchens: Who needs a state censor when the press bites its own tongue so effectively? Do you ever wonder what is the greatest enemy of the free press? One might mention a few conspicuous foes, such as the state censor, the monopolistic proprietor, the advertiser who wants either favorable coverage or at least an […]

Afghanistan's New Taliban

BBC: Afghan senate backs death penalty. Afghanistan’s upper house of parliament has issued a statement backing a death sentence for a journalist for blasphemy in northern Afghanistan. Pervez Kambakhsh, 23, was convicted last week of downloading and distributing an article insulting Islam. He has denied the charge. The UN has criticised the sentence and said […]

Ban 'Hate Speech' at Your Own Peril

Glenn Greenwald accurately explains the grotesque result of laws that seek to curb that amorphous problem of “hate speech” — a concept that turns free speech on its head. And unlike many of his colleagues on the political left, Greenwald explains why he’s defending people whose speech frequently deserves contempt: People like Mark Steyn and […]

Deans in Fantasy Land

Jeff Jarvis ably deconstructs a NYT op-ed in which: A herd of journalism-school deans wrote a predictable but also naive and possibly dangerous — and certainly not strategically forward-thinking — attack on media cross-ownership and the FCC’s loosening of its rules in today’s Times op-ed page. They do mean well, and they are not off […]

Town of Manalapan, New Jersey, Versus Free Speech

Follow the links from Electronic Frontier Foundation page on the bizarre Manalapan v. Moskovitz lawsuit to see a local government running wild against free speech. The town is suing to get the identity of — and all kinds of other information about — a critical anonymous blogger. Anonymous speech should generally be taken less seriously […]

China's Stunted Internet

Rebecca MacKinnon: Is Web2.0 a wash for free speech in China? Lately I’ve given a few talks around town titled “Will the Chinese Communist Party Survive the Internet?” My answer – for the short and medium term at least – is “yes.” Western media pundits and many policymakers have a tendency to assume that the […]