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On the Road

I’m heading to Tel Aviv for the annual conference on “Print, Internet and Community” — will update when I can.

News Orgs: Create and link did a nice job covering last week’s conference in London, including this posting about a talk I gave there.

Maniac's Video, Ethics and Tactics

UPDATED SF Chronicle: Tough decisions on how much to show. Grim video sent by the Virginia Tech killer to NBC News led editors, producers and media ethics experts to resume an uncomfortably familiar debate. “You have to find that line between serving the public’s right to know and the obvious public interest in knowing and […]

Speaking in London, June 13

At the NMK Forum 07 I’ll do one of the keynote speeches. We should probably do a blogger dinner somewhere that week.

German Views on Media Changes

At the Kölner Journalistenschule today in Cologne, Germany, I’ve received a polite but not entirely warm reception in discussing the citizen media shift and its value to the business and economic journalists who are attending this one-day conference. This is not a shock. Germany remains perhaps the most traditional media market in western Europe, and […]

Citizen Media Conversation in Silicon Valley March 21

I’ll be sitting down in a public conversation with JD Lasica next week in Palo Alto, kicking off the Mid-Peninsula Media Center’s new Conversation Series. If you’re in the area, please stop by.

Freedom to Connect Blogging

David Weinberger is blogging the daylights (if that’s the correct cliche under the circumstances) out of the Freedom to Connect conference.

Economics of Social Media

That’s the name of this conference on April 26 in Los Angeles.

Beyond Broadcast in Participatory Age

I’m at the Beyond Broadcast conference in Cambridge, Mass., where MIT professor Henry Jenkins, author of the important recent book Convergence Culture, was keynote speaker. I’ll be co-heading a workshop latger about the future of public-access television — the channels on local cable systems that carry locally generated programming, generally by non-professionals. Jason Crow, access […]

Media Reform: Only for the Left?

UPDATED I’m at the National Conference for Media Reform in Memphis, where people from around the U.S. (and in a few cases, from other nations) are talking for three days about how to change American media. Some talented folks are here. But the activist conference is also notable for what it’s lacking: any serious participation […]