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Upcoming Minnesota Conversation on (New) Media Ethics

I’ll be visiting the Twin Cities for an event called New Media, New Standards: Ethics in Online Journalism, co-sponsored by the Society of Professional Journalists and Minnesota Public Radio. Hope to see some of you there…

Travel: 3rd Global Knowledge Conference

Heading later today to Malysia for the 3rd Global Knowledge Conference, where I’m a speaker.

Upcoming Visit to Santiago

Universidad Mayor and TVN, a Chilean broadcaster, are bringing me to Santiago the week after next for three days of talks, workshops and more. They’ve even set up a Web page for the events, and asked me to record a short greeting video for the gig. It’s all here. If we can pull it together […]

Next Thursday Evening: A Public Conversation with Jimmy Wales (Wikipedia) and Oh Yeon Ho (OhmyNews)

Next Thursday evening, Oct. 11, we’re hosting Jimmy Wales of Wikipedia and Oh Yeon Ho of OhmyNews at the University of California, Berkeley. The format will be a conversation with these founders of two of the world’s most important citizen-media organizations. Joining us will be my co-instructor in a journalism course at UC Berkeley, Bill […]

Speaking Tuesday at Arizona State University

I’m giving a public talk on Tuesday at Arizona State University’s Walter Cronkite School of Journalism and Mass Communication. That’s in Tempe, just outside of Phoenix.

Networked Journalism Conference Next Month in NYC

Jeff Jarvis and CUNY are hosting and organizing it. I’d be attending if not for an earlier scheduled trip to Russia that ends the day before and an event the next day at UC Berkeley, where we’ll be having a conversation with Wikipedia’s Jimmy Wales and OhmyNews’ Oh Yeon Ho. Sorry to miss this one…

On the Road: Bogota

I’m in Colombia to give a talk tomorrow at a media conference sponsored by Andiarios, Colombia’s national newspaper association, and the U.S. State Department (which is paying for this trip). El Tiempo, the big local daily paper, ran a pre-conference interview, translated from English to Spanish by the paper’s manager of new media, Guillermo Franco, […]

Conversation on Thursday Evening About Social News Sites

I’m among the speakers this Thursday evening in a conversation is about “evolution and growing influence” of social news sites. Others on the program include Karen Brophy, Yahoo News; Amy Dalton,; Steve Huffman,; and Jay Adelson, It’s open to the public (no cost) at the Yahoo mother ship in Sunnyvale, from 6:30 […]

Texas Symposium Tomorrow and Saturday

I’m heading to Austin today for the New Agendas in Journalism and Citizenship symposium at the University of Texas School of Journalism. My topic for a talk tomorrow night: “Media Literacy in a Media-Saturated Age.”

Citizen Media Development in Spain

In country after country, people are trying fascinating experiments in citizen media. One of the pleasures of visiting other places is learning about some of them. At a conference where I spoke today in El Escorial, a town northwest of Madrid, I learned about Bottup, a citizen journalism site that, from the sound of it, […]