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EveryBlock Launches First 3 Cities

Adrian Holovaty and his team at EveryBlock (subtitle: “A News Feed for Your Block”) have launched in Chicago, New York and San Francisco. This is a solid start to a project that has enormous potential. Congrats to all…

New Disclosure…

So the boxes are mostly unpacked, I have a new driver’s license and keys to the new office. About time to get back in the blogging saddle. A new disclosure: I’ve invested in Seesmic, a Web video company that in my view has the potential to take conversational online video to a new level. The […]

GK3: Social Entrepreneurship

I’m at Malaysia at GK3, the 3rd Global Knowledge Conference, in a session where young “social entrepreneurs” are pitching their ideas to a panel of experts in finance and investing. The products and services aren’t necessarily about media, but they all are using information technology as an integral part of what they do. Social entrepreneurship […]

Digital Media Entrepreneurship, a Few Thoughts…

In the past several weeks, with a brief timeout, I’ve been thinking hard about the new Knight Center for Digital Media Entrepreneurship that I’ll be starting at Arizona State University next year. To say that I’m excited about this is an understatement; I can’t wait to get started. As I finish up some other work, […]