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Entrepreneurship in Media, East Coast Style

Boston Globe: Media entrepreneurs test new ways to get the message across. Boston was home to the first American newspaper. A Medford radio station was among the first to try selling advertising to support its programming, in the early 1920s. Researcher Ray Tomlinson was working in Cambridge when he sent the first e-mail over the […]

Endowing Newspapers: What Are We Saving, Anyway?

There’s a debate under way in the newspaper/journalism corner of the blogosphere and Twittersphere, spurred by an op-ed commentary in the New York Times earlier this week. The piece, by Yale’s chief investment officer, David Swensen, and his colleague Michael Schmidt, a Yale financial analyst, starts with a questionable idea — that newspapers should be […]

New York, Feb. 10: Talking About Book Ecosystems

I’ll be in New York on Feb. 10 to speak at the O’Reilly Tools of Change for Publishing Conference. My topic is considering ways to expand and extend the ecosystem around books: We know now that many books, especially timely non-fiction, can become major elements of intellectual ecosystems—including blogs, websites, magazine excerpts, speaking gigs, consulting […]

EveryBlock partners with New York Times

Good news: EveryBlock, the terrific local data site started by Adrian Holovaty, is launching a partnership with the New York Times. More here. This is part of the future for media entrepreneurs: partnering with established companies to fill in gaps and take advantage of existing clout. Good for both of them.

Online Ad Company's Very Questionable Activities

Free Press and Public Knowledge have put out a report claiming that “NebuAd Wiretaps Consumers and Hijacks Web Sites.” Quote: Consumers are having their Web browsing intercepted and Web sites are having their computer code altered by NebuAd, a company that provides targeted advertising for Internet Service Providers (ISPs), according to a technical investigation by […]

New Comics in New Media

The irony was deliberate when Steve Outing and Steve Kearsley soft-launched their new online comic strip, techGRL, a week ago yesterday. It’s a humor site, yes, but the goal — “not just a comic strip, but also an online community” — was no April Fools joke. Reinventing comics online is an expanding arena. Mark Fiore and other talented folks have […]

New Media Entrepreneurship Job Available at Arizona State University

We have an opening at Arizona State for someone to work with me at the new Knight Center for Digital Media Entrepreneurship. Here’s the official listing (feel free to pass it around): Business Development Coordinator, Digital Media The Walter Cronkite School of Journalism and Mass Communication seeks a business development coordinator for the Knight Center […]

Media Entrepreneurship in Journalism Education

Mark Glaser at PBS has an excellent piece on this topic here.

Digital Entrepreneurship Needed Across All Media

Here’s a column I did for PR Week magazine: A cliche of business holds that good ideas are a dime a dozen; it’s hard work and investment capital that turn them into businesses. As with most cliches, this one has a solid foundation of truth. But something has changed, and it has profound meaning for […]

Demo: Launchpad and Flameout

UPDATED Demo is probably the longest lasting of the tech conferences, justly so. Each year a host of companies — 77 this time — demonstrate their products on a stage in front of several hundred technology folks including venture capitalists and other investors. There are occasional triumphs. I was in the audience at this gathering […]