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How Burma Censored the Net

The Open Net Initiative, in “Pulling the Plug: A Technical Review of the Internet Shutdown in Burma,” examines the role of information technology, citizen journalists, and bloggers in Burma and presents a technical analysis of the abrupt shutdown of Internet connectivity by the Burmese government on September 29, 2007, following its violent crackdown on protesters […]'s Lessons Learned (So Far)

Jay Rosen offers “What I Learned from Assignment Zero.” A great deal, it turns out…

Big News in Citizen Media: MSNBC Buys Newsvine

The news that MSNBC has bought Newsvine is a very big deal in the new media world. has done a lot of excellent online journalism over the years, and pulling Newsvine under its wing make perfect sense. Now we need to see the experiment taken to a more logical conclusion, because Newsvine and its […]

Community Foundations and Local News

I have an op-ed piece in today’s San Francisco Chronicle urging the nation’s community foundations — which are holding a conference this week in San Francisco — to play a growing role in keeping local journalism vibrant. It starts: As America wakes up to the crumbling of basic infrastructure, with Minnesota’s bridge collapse the most […]

El Tiempo: Blogs and More

El Tiempo, Colombia’s national daily paper, has been moving at a fairly good speed to incorporate conversational media into its corporate and journalistic DNA. It’s clearly among the leaders in Latin America, if not the leader. Guillermo Franco, the paper’s online editor, and several of his colleagues gave me a virtual tour of the site’s […]

An Astonishing Admission by a Journalism Professor

UPDATED Please read “Annals of Reporting” from today’s Talking Points Memo, in which Josh Marshall describes what looks like a classic example of journalistic malpractice. Here’s the gist. Michael Skube, a former newspaper editor and Pulitzer Prize winner who’s now a journalism professor, wrote an opinion piece for the LA Times in which he flays […]

In London, PhD Candidate Needed for Major CJ Project

City University in London is offering a full-time “Sky News – City University Studentship in Citizen Media / User-Generated Content” to explore concepts around citizen journalism in the mainstream news media, using a case study approach and participant observation. For the first year of their PhD the appointee will work closely with Sky News on […]

Knight News Challenge: Round 2 Launches

The Knight News Challenge, in which winners get grants ranging from tiny to huge, is in its second year. Here’s the Knight Foundation’s pitch: It’s time to enter this year’s Knight News Challenge, which awards big money for innovative ideas using digital experiments to transform community news. The contest is run by the John S. […]

Cryptome: Using the Web to Challenge Secrecy

Radar: Inside Cryptome, the website the CIA doesn’t want you to see. Young is a mad scientist of secrecy, working with little more than monomaniacal focus and an Internet connection to turn the tables on the spooks and expose what he regards as a worldwide criminal network of intelligence operatives. And the spies don’t like […]

Berkman Center Looking for Media Fellow

The Berkman Center for Internet & Society at Harvard Law School is seeking a Media Fellow to work on a citizen-media project. Details: Project: The Berkman Center for Internet & Society is undertaking a project to comprehensively study the new/citizen/social media landscape, including reflection on its reach, implications, impact, and ecosystem, and charting an agenda […]