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Email is Down

UPDATED If you’ve sent me email at my address in the past 36 hours or so, I haven’t seen it due to a server malfunction. We’re working on it. (I don’t think I’ve lost any mail…fingers crossed.) UPDATE: Mail is back up. Let me know if you sent me something in the past day […]

Server Change; Comments Lost and Updating Some Posts

We changed servers and ISP locations but have lost some posts that I’ll put back on line. Some comments may also have been lost in the process.

Email for Site is Down

If you’re trying to reach me via my email address, we are having major problems. I don’t have an ETA for when email will be working again, so please be patient.

Berkman Center in 10th Year; Planning Workshops

I’m at the Berkman Center for Internet & Society today for the first fellows meeting of the academic year. As before, it’s an honor to be part of this group. This fall and winter I plan to hold some workshop/unconferences on citizen media, looking at several key issues in the arena including trust and techniques. […]

A Note Regarding Comments

New commenters here must have one comment approved before they can routinely post without moderation. A recent comment contained a Nazi reference, calling a public figure a Nazi (he isn’t one). I deleted it without letting it go through. In our basic civility-rules stance, comparing people to Nazis is not acceptable. The only exception is […]

Two New Supporters

The center has received new financial support from charitable organizations affiliated with two of America’s great journalism companies. They are: The Philip L. Graham Fund, founded in 1963 and named after late Washington Post publisher and president of the Washington Post Company. The funds will go, in part, toward citizen media workshops and lectures, as […]

Comment Spam and Its Consequences

In the past 24 hours this blog has received more than 1,600 comment spams — fake comments with links to the usual sleazy Web operations that pollute the online world. The  spam-control system I use, Akismet, has trapped almost all of the spams, so you won’t be burdened with them. Unfortunately, it’s also possible that […]

German Views on Media Changes

At the Kölner Journalistenschule today in Cologne, Germany, I’ve received a polite but not entirely warm reception in discussing the citizen media shift and its value to the business and economic journalists who are attending this one-day conference. This is not a shock. Germany remains perhaps the most traditional media market in western Europe, and […]

Principles of Journalism, Citizen and Otherwise

This morning we’re happy to announce a new project, “Principles of Citizen Journalism” — a look at the key principles that we believe are at the basis of journalistic work for professionals and non-professionals alike. The project was supported by the John S. and James L. Knight Foundation. The principles also appear as part of […]

Site Problems…

UPDATED You may have noticed that our home page was going to a blog deep inside the site, as opposed to the regular page. UPDATE: We’ve got part of that fixed, but are still having other difficulties… Also, if you posted a comment in the past day it may have been lost due to another […]