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Again, Big Media Guy Tries to Make it Bloggers Versus Journalists

Jeff Jarvis ably shreds NY Times editor Bill Keller’s straw men. Sadly, Keller and other major media people are still making this a bloggers against professional journalists question, which is not the question at all, or at least hasn’t been for anyone who actually knows anything about the development of new media. Sheesh.

Massachusetts Blogger Breaking Major Stories

Boston Phoenix: House pest. The biggest political story in Massachusetts right now is the state’s ongoing dalliance with casino gambling — but the biggest scoops haven’t been coming from the Globe or the Herald. Their source, instead, has been Yarmouth resident Peter Kenney, a/k/a the “Great Gadfly,” a sexagenarian carpenter and public-access-cable star who writes […]

Any Plans to Pay Them?

Scott Karp reports “The Huffington Post Allows Top Commenters To Become Bloggers.” I wish he’d asked the obvious question: Will any of these people get paid? As far as I know, Huffington doesn’t pay her bloggers, even the well-known ones. Apparently the topic didn’t come up. Karp defends Huffingon’s no-pay approach in the comments. This […]

Citizen Journalism Roundup of Minnesota Bridge Collapse

David Erickson: Minneapolis Bridge Collapse & Citizen Journalism.

Doc's Blog Moves

The Doc Searls Weblog has arrived in its a new home.

Ethan Zuckerman Explains How to Conference-Blog

All I can say is I’m glad he’s doing it: The 5-4-3 double play, or “The Art of Conference Blogging”

Old Newspaper Trick Backfires in Blogging Round-Up

Scott Rosenberg, in “There is no “first blogger,” dismantles the Wall Street Journal’s well-intentioned but surprisingly clueless weekend round-up about the so-called 10th anniversary of blogging. At issue, for many folks, are the Journal’s assertions about who did things first in the weblog world. By general agreement the newspaper got it wrong. In We the […]

More About PlaceBlogger, in Founder's Words

Mark Glaser, at PBS MediaShift, interviews PlaceBlogger founder Lisa Williams: Placeblog Pioneer Sees Geo-Tagging as Key to Local Aggregation.

News Orgs and Alliances with Bloggers

Dave Winer says in “What is Web 3.0?” that traditional media organizations will make it through their currently tough times by embracing bloggers and other kinds of new media, “without interpretation by professional reporters.” I’m cautious about that last bit. Why? Because, slowly but surely, traditional media folks are embracing the audience in ways that […]

Survey of Blog Readers

The University of Tennessee is conducting a survey “to examine the uses and users of blogs.” If you want to participate, click here.