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Ryan McGrady

Ryan McGradyRyan McGrady is a new media graduate student at Emerson College where he is studying knowledge, identity, and ideas in the information age.

He’s been involved in citizen media of one type or another since he started a BBS on his parents’ computer when he was 10 and used it to share computer animations he had made. Since then he’s written an article here and there for miscellaneous indie newspapers or magazines, published a couple zines, acted as program director for a community radio station in Portsmouth, NH, has participated in two Prometheus Radio Project barnraisings, and most recently interned as a contributor for the Citizen Media Law Project at the Berkman Center for Internet and Society of Harvard Law School.

After years in Rhode Island and New Hampshire, Ryan has just moved to Cambridge, MA where he plays chess, writes things, pets cats, and incessantly looks things up on Wikipedia.