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New Investigative Project

Jay Rosen: Introducing the new Huffington Post Investigative Fund (And My Own Role in It) The announcement of its birth, along with the $1.75 million starter budget, is really the launch of a new Internet-based news organization with a focus on original reporting. You might say the Fund’s operating principle is: report once, run anywhere.

As newspapers fail, the news ecosystem is finding a way forward. This project, like ProPublica and and several other projects, will help fill in the gaps.

We need a hundred such experiments, not just a few. Here’s hoping we’ll see more local ones, not just national ones.

A key question, as yet unanswered: What copyright license will be used for the output of this material. If it’s not Creative Commons, then it won’t have nearly as much value as it might.

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  1. #1 David Cohn
    on Apr 2nd, 2009 at 12:22 am is officially using Creative Commons with attribution and no derivatives.

    And I agree – we need more experiments at the local level, not just the national.

    “All politics is local” – I’m learning why this is true more and more all the time.