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Entrepreneurship in Media, East Coast Style

Boston Globe: Media entrepreneurs test new ways to get the message across. Boston was home to the first American newspaper. A Medford radio station was among the first to try selling advertising to support its programming, in the early 1920s. Researcher Ray Tomlinson was working in Cambridge when he sent the first e-mail over the Arpanet, the predecessor to the Internet, in 1971. Each innovation created a huge industry, and changed the way we communicate.

Now, at this moment of tumult in the media world, entrepreneurs in Boston and the wider New England region are trying to develop the next successful models for conveying information. But even as advertisers and consumers spend an increasing amount of money and time on the Internet, building a profitable digital media business isn’t exactly a cinch. Some local start-ups have already had to reduce their staff, and others will find themselves hunting for additional funding later this year from reticent investors.

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