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Posts from ‘October, 2008’

CItizen Media and Elections

David Ardia at the Citizen Media Law Project has a terrific post, “The Role of Citizen Media in Ensuring Fair Elections,” with a long list of valuable resources. Don’t miss this.

Bogus Beliefs about Obama; Newspaper Does Only Part of Its Job

The Houston Chronicle reports a poll that “finds 23% of Texans think Obama is Muslim” but stops there. If I ran a newspaper in Texas, I’d make it a mission to help that quarter of the population learn a) that Obama is not a Muslim; and b) that, as Colin Powell said (and so few […]

Tony Hillerman, R.I.P.

The New York Times’ obituary of Tony Hillerman, dead at 83, covers his life and work with great detail. He was indeed one of our finest mystery writers. His work centered around the Southwest and were set around Native Americans and their lives. But I wanted particularly to mention his 1971 novel, The Fly on […]

Journalistic Inanity: Surprised by Supply and Demand

Associated Press: September new home sales rise by 2.7 percent. Sales of new homes recorded an unexpected increase in September as median home prices dropped to the lowest level in four years, the Commerce Department reported Monday… In the universe most of us inhabit, crashing prices generally lead to more turnover.

Barcelona Blogger Meetup Tonite (Friday)

We’ll be at Dos Trece at 8 pm. Location: c/Carme 40 at the corner of c/Doctor Dou.

Kosmopolis, Barcelona

It’s great to be back in Barcelona, after a too-quick visit to Greece, for a conference that is not the usual kind for me. This one is called Kosmopolis, an “International Literature Fest” spanning the next three days. I’m honored to be included on the program, which starts this evening.

Greeks Bearing Blogs, and Brickbats

Traditional journalists, and traditional journalism educators, remain pretty suspicious of blogging in lots of places. But if what I heard in two days of conferencing in Athens and Thessaloniki (the latter is Greece’s second-largest city) is an indication of the overall situation, there’s a larger-than-usual gulf between older and newer media in the land where […]

Blogger Meetup in Barcelona Friday?

I’ll be in Barcelona later this week. Might be fun to connect some bloggers, perhaps Friday. More later…

Two Weeks Left to Apply for New Community Information Grants

Do you have an idea for a community information product or service? There are just two weeks to go — November 1, 2008 is the last day anyone with a good idea can submit an application to the Knight News Challenge media innovation contest. The worldwide competition offers up to $5 million and seeks innovative […]

Pathetic 'Journalism"

Politico: Gameday, turning the most important election of our lifetimes into “who won the day.” Pathetic. Politico wants to be taken seriously. This is why you can’t.