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Posts on ‘September 2nd, 2008’

Fox News Hit Obama Because He Wouldn't Do Interviews?

UPDATED If the Rupert Murdoch story in Vanity Fair(Tuesdays with Rupert) is accurate, one reason for Fox News’ bias against Obama during the campaign — apart from the fact that the news channel is a mouthpiece for right-wing ideology and politicians — is that Roger Ailes, the head of the operation, was in a snit […]

Rupert Murdoch as Shark

The Vanity Fair article, “Tuesdays with Rupert,” is worth reading both as an exercise in vanity by a journalist (Michael Wolff) and as yet another 1.5-dimensional view of a thoroughly amoral media baron. Murdoch comes across — nothing new here — as an essentially shark-like figure: a predator that can’t stop chasing prey because that’s […]