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Posts from ‘August, 2008’

Kosmopolis 2008: Festival of Literature

I’m honored to be speaking at the upcoming Kosmopolis 2008 in Barcelona, Spain. The biennial gathering, held this year in late October, brings together an amazing group of people involved in literature and the arts. I’ll be part of a program on the future of journalism.

We Magazine Launches

Here’s Volume 01, which contains interviews with several friends and colleagues including Joi Ito, Ethan Zuckerman and Henry Jenkins. Take a look.

Open Salon Opens

Open Salon is a user-generated site with some differences, the notable one being a tip jar that, one hopes, will lead to people being rewarded for their work. It’s not an original idea — OhmyNews has had this for years — but it’s a worthwhile one. One of the more interesting items is this speculative […]

ABC News Responds on Anthrax, Sort Of

Props to TVNewser’s Steven Krakauer, who has an interview with Brian Ross of ABC News. Ross is the journalist who in 2001 fueled our national fears with his reporting on the anthrax killings, citing unnamed sources who falsely linked the anthrax attacks to Saddam Hussein and Iraq. In light of recent (and still somewhat murky) […]

ABC Has Major Questions to Answer in Anthrax Story

UPDATED ABC News’ behavior surrounding one of its biggest “scoops” is already an object lesson of what’s wrong with American journalism. The news organization has proved unwilling — so far, at any rate — to come clean about how it was manipulated in the 2001 (and later) investigation into the anthrax attacks in the US […]