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Posts from ‘July, 2008’

Journalists and Communities: What I Told AJR

UPDATED Below, you’ll find a pointer to Will Bunch’s American Journalism Review story about journalists’ disconnection with the communities they cover. He interviewed me by email for this piece, and quoted from what I told him — accurately and in context — at the end of the article. For an even larger context, here’s what […]

Journalists and the Communities They Cover

Will Bunch (American Journalism Review: Disconnected. As embattled news organizations try to safeguard their futures with intensely local coverage, there is often a wide gulf between journalists and the communities they cover.

Calling a Lie a Lie? Not Yet

Talking Points Memo: Big News Orgs Fail To Label McCain Attack Ad What It Is: False. (Y)ou’d think the fact that the McCain ad contains a blatant falsehood would merit a mention in the coverage. They must be talking about the big news organizations that occupy a parallel universe.

Helping the Almost-Journalists Do Journalism

UPDATED Doing journalism at its most basic level is a combination of two essential tasks. The first is reporting — gathering information via research, interviews, etc. The second part is telling your audience what you’ve learned — writing (in the broadest sense, including video, audio, graphics and more) and editing. The demolition of the professional […]

Highway Africa, Sept. 8-10

I’m honored to be giving a keynote talk at Highway Africa, which has become the biggest annual gathering of African journalists and has a strong element of how technology is changing journalism. A key theme this year is citizen journalism. The conference has some scholarships available for working journalists. A link to the application is […]

Good Jobs at UC-Berkeley

Paul Grabowicz, head of new media at the UC-Berkeley Graduate School of Journalism, forwards these job listings. Good money for 9 months work a year: Multimedia Fellow (2), UCB Graduate School of Journalism: The University of California, Berkeley Graduate School of Journalism seeks two experienced journalists with extensive multimedia skills to help coordinate a new […]

Where Did "Citizen Journalist" Come From?

I had a call last week from a researcher for a big-name journalist, asking a question about the expression “citizen journalist”: I am primarily interested in finding who coined this term and when it entered the mainstream media. If you are not sure of the exact timing of the coinage, I am still interested in […]

Engadget's Sloppy Journalism on the New iPhone

Engadget, the electronics blog, has a detailed iPhone 3G review today. Good overall, but then, near the top, is this whopper: And its 3G network compatibility finally makes the iPhone welcome the world over, especially after Cupertino decided to ditch its non-traditional carrier partnerships in favor of dropping the handset price dramatically. $200? We’re still […]

Basecamp for Organizing Projects

For the past several years I’ve been involved in a variety of projects ranging from education to startups. All have involved collaboration, and in most cases the people involved were not in a single location. One tool has risen above the others for helping keep projects running smoothly. It’s called Basecamp, an online collaborative-organizing system, […]

Flowgram: Illuminating and Explaining

I’ve been advising a San Francisco startup, Flowgram, where Abhay Parekh and his team have come up with a novel Web 2.0 idea. It’s a system that lets you guide someone through several websites or pages, showing various items — but where the pages and links stay “live” for the user. Here’s a smart one […]