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Posts on ‘May 14th, 2008’

Needed: Awards that Belatedly Recognize Great Journalism

Looking through the finalists for the 2008 Gerald Loeb Award, several things stand out. Despite the excellence of the work being cited, the list of finalists should raise a note of caution about at least one key metric for the ability of American business journalists to look at major problems before negative trends turn to […]

Cablevision Buys Newsday, Stiffs Paper's Journalists

NY Observer: The Dolans March in, But Please, No Press! But when the time finally came for the officially sanctioned interview of Chairman James Dolan, it appeared not in Newsday but on the Cablevision-owned News 12 channel. “Dolan did a 10-, 15-minute interview with News 12, which is what we had to use in the […]