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Posts from ‘April, 2008’

New Comics in New Media

The irony was deliberate when Steve Outing and Steve Kearsley soft-launched their new online comic strip, techGRL, a week ago yesterday. It’s a humor site, yes, but the goal — “not just a comic strip, but also an online community” — was no April Fools joke. Reinventing comics online is an expanding arena. Mark Fiore and other talented folks have […]

Ignorance Ascendant? Education is Answer

Ted Gup: So Much for the Information Age. It is time to once again make current events an essential part of the curriculum. Families and schools must instill in students the habit of following what is happening in the world. A global economy will have little use for a country whose people are so self-absorbed […]

Blogging Kills Disproportionately? NYT's Story Doesn't Make the Case

ZDNet: Anatomy of a ‘Blogging will kill you’ story: Why I didn’t make the cut. I read the New York Times’ take on how the stress of blogging and how it can kill you with great interest: I was interviewed for it. But I pretty much knew I wouldn’t make the final story as my […]

A Lie or Terrifying Negligence: Why Won't Journalists Demand an Answer?

A truly extraordinary example of journalistic malfeasance is playing out right now. Attorney General Michael Mukasey told a San Francisco audience last week that the Bush administration was aware in the days before the 9/11 attacks that an Al Qaeda official was making calls from a “safe house in Afghanistan” to U.S. but that our […]

April Fools and News Credibility

At a conversation site where I spend some time, someone noted a Twitter posting from earlier today — well worth repeating: “What I like about April Fool’s Day: one day a year we’re asking whether news stories are true. It should be all 365.”

Off Topic: Need Good IMAP Email Client for Blackberry

For a number of reasons I’m now using a Blackberry Curve as my main phone. But its email system is beyond dreadful for anyone who’s not locked into a Windows-Outlook-Exchange environment. Mainly, the Blackberry IMAP connection is pathetic, a kludge that is almost worse than nothing. It doesn’t understand folders. It doesn’t reflect answered messages […]

Money/Politics Site Seeks Research Director

The excellent has an opening for a research Director: illuminates the connection between money and politics in unprecedented ways. Our groundbreaking website links campaign contributions with how legislators vote, revealing how money and politics affect the specific issues people care about. The Research Director position is central to’s work. An extremely cool […]