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Citizen Huff's Potential Big Score

New York Times: Citizen Huff: According to one person who was briefed on discussions but was not permitted to speak for attribution, the company has at least looked at the value of the site if it were put up for sale, and a figure around $200 million was used. That would put the price at more than $50 for each visitor, a high valuation. Using the site’s internal figures, 14 million unique visitors for the most recent month, the price would be closer to $15 for each user.

Even at $15 per user that’s still many millions — and it’s all built essentially on the labor of others who’ve volunteered to post their thoughts for no compensation. They have their reasons, including the site’s growing influence and their own vanity. Will they still volunteer their labor when just a few people get rich from it?

I admire what Huffington has done in many ways. I do not admire business models like this.

1 Comment on “Citizen Huff's Potential Big Score”

  1. #1 Seth Finkelstein
    on Mar 31st, 2008 at 7:16 pm

    Hey – keep talking like that, and they’ll revoke your A-list club membership :-).