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Posts from ‘January, 2008’

Justice Department's Idiotic Shunning of Online Journalism Organization

Talking Points Memo’s Josh Marshall reports that he’s been “Banned at The DoJ” — taken off the email distribution list for press releases and the like. This has to be one of the more lame governmental PR decisions of the recent past. TPM and its sister websites did spectacular work last year in uncovering and […]

Ban 'Hate Speech' at Your Own Peril

Glenn Greenwald accurately explains the grotesque result of laws that seek to curb that amorphous problem of “hate speech” — a concept that turns free speech on its head. And unlike many of his colleagues on the political left, Greenwald explains why he’s defending people whose speech frequently deserves contempt: People like Mark Steyn and […]

Future-Proofing at NPR

I’m with educators, news people and others at the Knight Digital Media Center in Los Angeles for several-day session with National Public Radio personnel. NPR got a big foundation grant to retrain its entire editorial staff to understand and do multimedia. Just learned this is not to be blogged… Journalists, it turns out, go off […]

Citizen Media Business Issues: Ad Space

(This is the eighth in a series of postings about citizen media business issues. See the introduction here. All of these entries are considered to be in “beta” and will be revised and refined as they find a home on a more permanent area of the Center for Citizen Media web site. To that end, […]

Stop Training Journalists? Uh, Oh…

Paul Conley is telling trade journalism honchos to, “No More Training” — a plea to employers to stop offering training in Web journalism to their employees. Huh? There’s reason for this apparent madness, though I don’t entirely agree with it. Conley says: First, “You cannot train someone to be part of a culture.” He means […]

New Disclosure…

So the boxes are mostly unpacked, I have a new driver’s license and keys to the new office. About time to get back in the blogging saddle. A new disclosure: I’ve invested in Seesmic, a Web video company that in my view has the potential to take conversational online video to a new level. The […]

In Phoenix; Mail Back Up

The email problems during the past few days have been resolved, with no loss of messages. I’m in Arizona, unpacking boxes. Postings will remain light for the next few days as I get settled.

Email Woes

If you’ve sent me email in the past 36 hours or so, or if I’ve sent email to you from my normal account, please be patient. My hosting company has had a pretty bad problem that is not fully resolved. I hope to be back to relative normal in a day or so.