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Latest Mac Gorgeous, but Not Quite All There

Walt and Kara at just posted a piece I wrote for them, “Waiting for the MacBook Air Pro” — which begins as follows:

Having seen Apple’s MacBook Air notebook computer up close, I’m as dazzled as everyone else who’s had a chance to examine this delicious piece of industrial design.

Dazzled doesn’t translate to handing over a credit card, however — at least not yet, and not solely because it’s almost never a good idea to buy Apple’s (or anyone else’s) hardware immediately after its initial release.

Even if serious flaws didn’t frequently surface in the company’s first batch of new models, I’d hold off on buying one of these despite my admiration for the genuine accomplishments in this one. Cost isn’t the issue; rather, there are just a few too many feature compromises for my work-style.

1 Comment on “Latest Mac Gorgeous, but Not Quite All There”

  1. #1 JohnofScribbleSheet
    on Feb 1st, 2008 at 3:17 am

    Agreed. Let’s wait for the Pro