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Posts on ‘January 31st, 2008’

Media Entrepreneurship in Journalism Education

Mark Glaser at PBS has an excellent piece on this topic here.

Digital Entrepreneurship Needed Across All Media

Here’s a column I did for PR Week magazine: A cliche of business holds that good ideas are a dime a dozen; it’s hard work and investment capital that turn them into businesses. As with most cliches, this one has a solid foundation of truth. But something has changed, and it has profound meaning for […]

Latest Mac Gorgeous, but Not Quite All There

Walt and Kara at just posted a piece I wrote for them, “Waiting for the MacBook Air Pro” — which begins as follows: Having seen Apple’s MacBook Air notebook computer up close, I’m as dazzled as everyone else who’s had a chance to examine this delicious piece of industrial design. Dazzled doesn’t translate to […]