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Oh, That Conrad Black

The New York Sun, often an entertaining read, published a commentary by one Conrad Black, identifying him in the tag line in this way:

Lord Black is the author of “Richard M. Nixon: A Life in Full” and “Franklin Delano Roosevelt: Champion of Freedom.”

True, I guess, but of course it’s missing the most salient element of the man’s recent biography — his criminal conviction for looting the media company he controlled.

Black is not as famous as he’d probably like to be (though for other acts). So the Sun’s omission looks like an effort to help rehabilitate its ideological friend who is also a crook. We already knew Black is a sleaze; now we know something more about the Sun.

1 Comment on “Oh, That Conrad Black”

  1. #1 Stephen Downes
    on Jan 19th, 2008 at 3:23 pm

    Quite so. And after having watched his antics north of the border for many years now, it gives me great pleasure to know that he will not be sent from his U.S. prison to a Canadian refuge.