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Posts on ‘November 26th, 2007’

Traditional Reporters v Bloggers — Who Asks Pols Better Questions

Slate’s Trailhead column notes: You know it’s 2007 when a candidate, in this case Mike Huckabee, holds a bifurcated conference call, first with reporters, then with bloggers. I listened in on both calls to see what the differences were. The reporters’ questions were much more concise and polished. But the bloggers’ questions were more substantive […]

Shameful 'Journalism' by Time Magazine's Joe Klein

One of the most amazing episodes in modern American journalism has emerged from a flagrantly inaccurate and misguided Time magazine column by Joe Klein. He’s a political writer whose work in this case may become Exhibit A for what’s wrong with the craft today. Klein’s column attacked congressional Democrats’ effort to pass electronic surveillance legislation […]