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Santiago Memories

Mountains outside SantiagoI’ve had a great time in Santiago, Chile, where I’ve visited with journalists and students for the past three days. El Mercurio did an interview, and a talk this morning at TVN, the major public TV network, will run tonight — but I’ll be on a plane home.

I was honored to appear at the TVN gathering with Jorge Domínguez Larraín, founder and CEO Diarios Ciudadanos Chile, publisher of El Morrocotudo, one of the country’s pathbreaking citizen journalism outlets, and several other related online news sites. “Our network has 43,000 unique visitors per day, nearly 3,500 people writing every month and over 50 employees in 7 different regions of the country,” he says.

Here’s a report on the site about today’s event.

Reineta fishOther than all the great folks, and visits to some of the city’s major attractions, a highlight was the amazing Chilean food (and the nation’s wines, which the rest of the world is only just discovering). Fish, naturally, is a big deal in the menu. Then again, given the proximity to Argentina, so is beef.

I ate reineta, a local fish, at one of the city’s excellent restaurants. Another fine memory, and another reason I expect to be back here someday.

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