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Views of the California Fires

It’s astonishing to see what people are doing to help us understand the California fires. Most intriguing are the mashups and postings from all kinds of entities.

Take a look at the SoCal Fire mashup page at MindTouch. It’s loaded with excellent examples including the KPBS station’s map and the Twitter channel.

The individual efforts are just what you’d anticipate. Here’s one of the many Flickr photos from ground level, this one posted by “ginsnob“:

California Fire, Ground Level

Then, for the ultimate bird’s eye view, here’s what NASA has posted:

Satellite View of Fires

Meanwhile, people are sending pictures to media organizations like CNN by the thousands. This is going to be the best-covered event in ages.

We are getting the big and little pictures — from the people and organizations who are best able to bring them to us. Just fascinating…

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