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Posts on ‘October 22nd, 2007’

Bringing the New York Times' Cornucopia to All

Dave Winer has been exploring a superb news resource, exploring the depth and breadth of the New York Times‘ data-stream. The most traditional of news organizations is opening up, including its archives,in ways that could be truly revolutionary in the news business — and Dave is leading the way toward a new way of seeing […]

A Guaranteed Profit? Why?

My friend Walt Mossberg, the Wall Street Journal’s superb tech columnist, has a plea in today’s paper called “Free My Phone” — asking the government force open what he calls the “Soviet Ministry” model of mobile phone service, a system that treats customers as if they were pawns. Great piece, with one exception, where he […]

Putting Books Online the Right Way

NY Times: Libraries Shun Deals to Place Books on Web. Several major research libraries have rebuffed offers from Google and Microsoft to scan their books into computer databases, saying they are put off by restrictions these companies want to place on the new digital collections. The research libraries, including a large consortium in the Boston […]