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Posts on ‘October 20th, 2007’

Citizen Media Business Issues: Memberships and Subscriptions

(This is the fourth in a series of postings about citizen media business issues. See the introduction here. All of these entries are considered to be in “beta” and will be revised and refined as they find a home on a more permanent area of the Center for Citizen Media web site. To that end, […]

An Attack on Free Press

UPDATED Arizona Republic: Sheriff’s deputies arrest ‘New Times’ owners. The charges stem from a story published under their byline in the Thursday edition of New Times, in which they describe a subpoena the paper reportedly received from a grand jury convened by the Maricopa County Attorney’s Office. Lacey has been released from jail after posting […]

Server Change; Comments Lost and Updating Some Posts

We changed servers and ISP locations but have lost some posts that I’ll put back on line. Some comments may also have been lost in the process.