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Posts from ‘September, 2007’

Dan Rather: Still Not Getting It

On Larry King’s program, Dan Rather insisted again that the 60 Minutes story about George W. Bush’s National Guard “service” — based in part on the documents that CBS failed to prove authentic – was fair and accurate. Of the panel CBS selected to investigate the debacle, he said: (A)mong the things they concluded after […]

"Their" Homes? Come On

In the coverage of the housing bubble deflation, journalists continue to use an expression that defies reality. From today’s Bloomberg story: As many as half of the 450,000 subprime borrowers whose mortgage payments increase in the next three months may lose their homes because they can’t sell, refinance or qualify for help from the U.S. […]

Falling for the Big-Dollar Lawsuit Claim

AP: Dan Rather files $70M suit against CBS. Dan Rather filed a $70 million lawsuit against CBS and his former bosses Wednesday, claiming they made him a “scapegoat” for a discredited story about President Bush’s military service during the Vietnam War. When, oh when, will journalists stop falling for the bogus PR stunts lawyers and […]

Claiming Prices as 'Intellectual Property'

Harvard Crimson: Coop Discourages Notetaking in Bookstore: Coop President Jerry P. Murphy ’73 said that while there is no Coop policy against individual students copying down book information, “we discourage people who are taking down a lot of notes.” The apparent new policy could be a response to efforts by—an online database that allows […]

Innovation on Display (and Rewarded)

J-Lab:, a data-rich, nonpartisan group blog that covers real-time, online activity of the 2008 presidential candidates – and chronicles online content from voters who will elect them, is this year’s $10,000 Grand Prize winner in the Knight-Batten Awards for Innovations in Journalism. Bafflingly, the winning entries aren’t hyperlinked in the press release. You’ll find […]

NY Times' Brave Change: Opening Archives

In “A Letter to Readers About TimesSelect, the paper writes: Effective Sept. 19, we are ending TimesSelect. All of our online readers will now be able to read Times columnists, access our archives back to 1987 and enjoy many other TimesSelect features that have been added over the last two years – free. Glad to […]

Community Foundations and Local News

I have an op-ed piece in today’s San Francisco Chronicle urging the nation’s community foundations — which are holding a conference this week in San Francisco — to play a growing role in keeping local journalism vibrant. It starts: As America wakes up to the crumbling of basic infrastructure, with Minnesota’s bridge collapse the most […]

Networked Journalism Conference Next Month in NYC

Jeff Jarvis and CUNY are hosting and organizing it. I’d be attending if not for an earlier scheduled trip to Russia that ends the day before and an event the next day at UC Berkeley, where we’ll be having a conversation with Wikipedia’s Jimmy Wales and OhmyNews’ Oh Yeon Ho. Sorry to miss this one…

YouTube Reverses Course on User's Video: Reposts It

Chris Knight, who’s been unfairly treated by media giant Viacom, now says: YouTube has restored my clip. Good.

More Awards for Journalists

Here are the 2007 Online Journalism Awards Finalists.