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Posts on ‘September 24th, 2007’

Citizen Media Business Issues: An Outline

(This is the first in a series of postings about citizen media business issues. See the introduction here. All of these entries are considered to be in “beta” and will be revised and refined as they find a home on a more permanent area of the Center for Citizen Media web site.   To that end, […]

Making a Business of Citizen Media

Good news: We’re about to launch a first in a series of postings about citizen media as a business. Specifically, we’ll be exploring possible business models for citizen journalism and the processes surrounding the creation of a website. The principal researcher and writer for this project is Ryan McGrady, a new media graduate student at […]

Help Investigate Slippery Congressional Favors

You can do your part at Bringing Citizen Oversight to Congressional Spending: Here’s your chance to investigate earmarks–those spending measures inserted by members of Congress into bills that direct taxpayer dollars to their pet projects. Are members using earmarks to meet pressing needs? Reward political supporters? Are they good public policy, or vehicles for […]