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YouTube Reverses Course on User's Video: Reposts It

Chris Knight, who’s been unfairly treated by media giant Viacom, now says: YouTube has restored my clip.


1 Comment on “YouTube Reverses Course on User's Video: Reposts It”

  1. #1 Jon Garfunkel
    on Sep 15th, 2007 at 8:49 am

    Er, um, by “User’s Video” you mean the user’s reposting of Viacom’s video.
    (Now we can all learn what VH1’s commentary added: Well, “At least with a guy like that, you know he ain’t gonna be banging the teachers.” Also, it was sandwiched between two women fighting and “hand farting”.)

    Hardly a cause celebre. Viacom, for its part, ought to press some uncontestable copyright cases: for one, removing the Colbert clip which is accompanied by antisemitic rants.

    Also, the response back from Harry from the YouTube team demonstrates some underwhelming legal acumen (“we’ve completed processing your counter-notification … This content has been restored.”) Perhaps the CitMediaLaw Center can get some basic numbers out of Google on the number of T&C violation requests they get– and how many lawyers they have working these requests?

    I’m familiar with a case of someone pushing to get an impersonating BlogSpot page taken down. This being a personal reputation case, this is orders of magnitude more important than this VH1 case, yet Google hasn’t acted on it?