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Posts on ‘September 10th, 2007’

Journalists Failure to Dispel Saddam-9/11 Myth is Media Scandal

Buried in this New York Times story is the following incredible finding from a new poll: Six in 10 Americans said in the poll that administration officials deliberately misled the public in making a case for the war; 33 percent of all Americans, including 40 percent of Republicans and 27 percent of Democrats, say Saddam […]

Quechup's Spam Tricks

Infoworld’s “Cringely” observes, regarding the nototious Quechup: When you sign up for the site it prompts you to share your address book so you can find out which of your 10,000 close personal friends is also trolling for dates on Quechup. But instead of presenting you with a list of friends, Quechup sends an invite […]

Apple's New iPod: Breakthrough

I wouldn’t go near an iPhone, but I might well buy an iPod touch. Apple isn’t getting nearly enough credit from journalists for this product. News-folk: You should be aiming at least some of what you produce at the screen on this WiFi enabled audio/video/Web machine. This is breakthrough territory, way beyond what the iPhone […]