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Posts on ‘August 23rd, 2007’

China Continues to Pressure New Media

AP: Chinese blog providers ‘encouraged’ to register users with their real names. Blog service providers in China are “encouraged” to register users with their real names and contact information, according to a new government document that tones down an earlier proposal banning anonymous online blogging. At least 10 major Chinese blog service providers have agreed […]

Digital Journalism Jobs Replacing (at least some) Traditional Ones

Mark Glaser (PBS MediaShift): Traditional Journalism Job Cuts Countered by Digital Additions. If you follow the world of traditional journalism, you can’t help but notice the seemingly constant stream of layoffs and buyouts at news organizations. But media observers don’t often emphasize the flip side: As newspapers and broadcasters slice their senior-level workforce, they are […]

Neglecting to Mention That Other Mortgage-Meltdown Villain

Howard Kurtz, in his Washington Post “Media Notes Extra,” has an appropriate caution for journalists: Memo to the media: Everyone who is defaulting on a home mortgage is not necessarily a victim. He points out that people who took huge risks were reckless, and goes on to note that there’s “plenty of blame to go […]