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Posts on ‘August 20th, 2007’

Sleuthing the Many (Logo) Lives of the Cheney Video

Jon Garfunkel has done prodigious homework on how a variety of online video posters used (and abused) the attribution principle in “Internet Slash-Ups: Even the pros rip off C-SPAN.

Doc Searls' New Blog

Everyone should point to the Doc Searls Weblog in its new location, to give it the link-love it needs to rise in the search engines.

Michael Moore Should Be Ashamed

Jonathan Weber at New West Network asks, “Michael Moore, Why Are You Stealing Our Content?” Pretty shabby…

An Astonishing Admission by a Journalism Professor

UPDATED Please read “Annals of Reporting” from today’s Talking Points Memo, in which Josh Marshall describes what looks like a classic example of journalistic malpractice. Here’s the gist. Michael Skube, a former newspaper editor and Pulitzer Prize winner who’s now a journalism professor, wrote an opinion piece for the LA Times in which he flays […]

In London, PhD Candidate Needed for Major CJ Project

City University in London is offering a full-time “Sky News – City University Studentship in Citizen Media / User-Generated Content” to explore concepts around citizen journalism in the mainstream news media, using a case study approach and participant observation. For the first year of their PhD the appointee will work closely with Sky News on […]

Knight News Challenge: Round 2 Launches

The Knight News Challenge, in which winners get grants ranging from tiny to huge, is in its second year. Here’s the Knight Foundation’s pitch: It’s time to enter this year’s Knight News Challenge, which awards big money for innovative ideas using digital experiments to transform community news. The contest is run by the John S. […]