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Posts on ‘August 17th, 2007’

Yes, It's "Traditional Media" – Not "Mainstream"

Markos (Daily Kos) has abandoned the expression MSM (“mainstream media”) to call it traditional media. I’ve been doing this for several years now. I guess I should have blogged about it…

Any Plans to Pay Them?

Scott Karp reports “The Huffington Post Allows Top Commenters To Become Bloggers.” I wish he’d asked the obvious question: Will any of these people get paid? As far as I know, Huffington doesn’t pay her bloggers, even the well-known ones. Apparently the topic didn’t come up. Karp defends Huffingon’s no-pay approach in the comments. This […]

AT&T's Phony Denials on Net Neutrality

Timothy Carr, in “AT&T Gets Caught in its Own Spin Cycle,” notes the telecom company’s increasingly “slippery response” when confronted with evidence of snipping out political content on its webcast concerts. The company’s sleazy behavior is no surprise, but nonetheless telling in context of its push to decide what bits will reach customers’ computers in […]