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Help Us Learn Who's Editing Wikipedia

Wired News, in “See Who’s Editing Wikipedia – Diebold, the CIA, a Campaign,” cites an intriguing new software tool called Wikipedia Scanner:

the brainchild of CalTech computation and neural-systems graduate student Virgil Griffith — offers users a searchable database that ties millions of anonymous Wikipedia edits to organizations where those edits apparently originated, by cross-referencing the edits with data on who owns the associated block of internet IP addresses.

Want to help? Wired suggests you download try out the software and then report what you find. (There are already some fascinating items posted…)

1 Comment on “Help Us Learn Who's Editing Wikipedia”

  1. #1 Delia
    on Aug 15th, 2007 at 7:33 pm

    well, it’s good somebody is doing this — I suggested something similar a while back (except it would have allowed anybody to just look at a Wikipedia entry and instantly find out what portions were added by whom and when) D.