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Posts on ‘August 4th, 2007’

A Note Regarding Comments

New commenters here must have one comment approved before they can routinely post without moderation. A recent comment contained a Nazi reference, calling a public figure a Nazi (he isn’t one). I deleted it without letting it go through. In our basic civility-rules stance, comparing people to Nazis is not acceptable. The only exception is […]

Opaque Behavior from Chicago Tribune

Michael Miner (Chicago Reader): Terms of Concealment: How transparent can a news shop be when it sends off former employees with hush money? True transparency, then, is not only too much to hope for but probably more than we’re entitled to. Let sinners come clean to their priests. Newspapers are entitled to their quirky little […]

News Corp.'s Laughable Wall Streed "Editorial Review" System

Of course the “Editorial Review Committee” being created to supposedly assure editorial independence at Rupert Murdoch’s Wall Street Journal “Looks Like A 98-Pound Weakling,” as Editor & Publisher’s Mark Fitzgerald writes. It was designed that way. Look. Murdoch is buying Dow Jones. The owner gets to decide. Period. This guy isn’t going to give up […]