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Posts on ‘August 3rd, 2007’

Faces of Faith Shows Student Journalism at Best

Students and recent graduates from Berkeley, Northwestern, Columbia and USC journalism programs have done a fascinating array of work this summer in the latest edition of the “News21 Initiative” project. This year it’s called “Faces of Faith in America,” and includes some sophisticated Web work in addition to traditional media production. Some of the many […]

Eco-Blog Bought for Big Money

CNET: TreeHugger acquisition confirmed. A representative for eco-blog TreeHugger has confirmed that the site has been acquired by Discovery Communications, parent company of the Discovery Channel, The Science Channel, Animal Planet, and several other properties. A report of the deal initially surfaced in the New York Post today. A press release from Discovery and TreeHugger […]

Focusing on the Bridge, Ignoring Latest Whack at Our Liberty

Wired News’ Ryan Singel notes: Given this Administration’s track record on truthfulness, secrecy and overseas bungling, why is Congress even contemplating giving them more authority to spy on American citizens without even the slightest supervision from the secret and submissive Foreign Intelligence Surveillance court? Why this country is even contemplating allowing the nation’s intelligence services […]