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Posts from ‘July, 2007’

Sun Microsystems Takes Important Step in Releasing Information

The Silicon Valley company’s general counsel, Mike Dillon, writes that on Monday Sun: will release our financial information first to the public via our website, RSS feeds and 8-K filing. Then, about 10 minutes later, we will release the information to the traditional private agencies and their paid subscribers. This is a step forward in […]

Interactive Map Helps Describe British Floods

The BBC Berkshire’s interactive flood map: takes the best photos and video sent in by you to, alongside reports from our correspondents around the county and flood warning information from the Environment Agency. This is a good example of how traditional media organizations — working with their audiences — can use mashup technology to […]

A Reminder of Free Speech's Value

BBC: Malaysia cracks down on bloggers. The Malaysian government has warned it could use tough anti-terrorism laws against bloggers who insult Islam or the country’s king. I remember visiting Malaysia in late 2001, and being assured by people in business and government that the Internet was going to truly remain a free-speech zone (unlike the […]

Wired Rehabilitates Martha Stewart

Am I the only one who said “Oh, please” after seeing Martha Stewart on the cover of this month’s Wired magazine? Well, at least they didn’t put Enron’s Jeff Skilling on the cover.

Lies from Top Media People: Ho Hum?

The media column in the British Independent newspaper this week contains this remarkable passage, near the top: Robert Thomson, the present editor of The (London) Times, nonetheless seems quite likely to exchange his once great office for a job on The Wall Street Journal. This depends on Rupert Murdoch acquiring the American business title, which […]

'Advocacy Mashups' Take Mapping to Policy Realms

MSNBC: Advocacy mashups harness power of mapping. Advocacy mashups are tackling the most vexing problems of our time, from New Orleans post-Katrina clean-up to the possibility that some 2,300 Islamic mosques and schools across the country pose a homegrown terror threat. The Gentilly Project, which we’re helping with, is one of the most intriguing such […]

British Media Criticism: Fierce and Detailed

In London for a meeting with colleagues on a non-journalism project, I’ve been devouring the British press — noting, not for the first time, that the papers here do something that U.S. media folks do too little: tough media criticism. For example, the BBC is taking some serious lumps over an astonishing internal ethical mess, […]

Times Public Editor Off To Fast Start

Clark Hoyt, the New York Times’ new public editor (ombudsman), is off to a fast start. Today, in “Tiptoeing Around the Family Business,” he asks the paper to cover the story of the NY Times Company’s failings as a business: Amid all this turmoil, aggressively reported and analyzed in The Times, there has been a […]

Net Video Player Nearing Prime Time

The Participatory Culture Foundation has posted the latest pre-release (0.9.8) version of Miro, its renamed Internet multimedia player. The application is getting quite polished and useful.

News Organizations: Time to Say 'No' and Mean It

News Photographer Magazine: New NFL Vest Rule (With Sponsor Logos) Have Some Seeing Red. The National Football League has passed a new rule for the upcoming season that requires photographers at NFL games to wear red vests with Canon and Reebok logos on them, and the news is not being very well received by some […]