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Citizen Black: A Criminal

NY Times: Conrad Black’s Downfall Shaped by Many Battles. Another striking aspect of Mr. Black’s downfall is the degree to which his own bullheadedness has worked against him. Mr. Black, a military history buff who would compare his business strategies to great battles, made several aggressive moves after being removed from his company that resulted in more lawsuits and investigations into his affairs.

This guy has been bad news for years. But his arrogance probably had as much to do with his problems as his actual business dealings. Let’s hope he’s out of journalism for good.

And the next time someone starts ranting about lousy blogger ethics, remind them of Conrad Black.

1 Comment on “Citizen Black: A Criminal”

  1. #1 Dave
    on Jul 14th, 2007 at 6:37 pm

    His arrogance did him in. Why was he convicted of obstruction of justice charges? He was issued a court order not to remove anything from his office. A few days later his driver and his Lord ship are caught on tape removing boxes from his office. He even does some heavy lifting. See the video link below.