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Posts from ‘June, 2007’

Advertising and Paid "Word of Mouth"

Dave Winer: It’s one thing to let Microsoft buy space on your site (it’s called advertising) and quite another to accept Microsoft money for words coming out of your mouth. Next month when we read something positive on these sites about Microsoft, how are we supposed to know if it’s an opinion, or just another […]

Rich Ramirez, R.I.P.

It’s still not clear what led to the death of my former San Jose Mercury News colleague, Rich Ramirez. But he was an unfailingly professional and kind man, and his passing at a young age is tragic. Rest in peace.

Journalistic Transparency in NY Times Q&A From Iraq

UPDATED A long Q&A: Life in Iraq on the New York Times website shows the Baghdad bureau in more human terms, and gives readers an even better idea of what life is like in that nation. At one point John F. Burns, the newspaper’s outstanding bureau chief, writes of the Iraqi nationals who do an […]

On the Road

I’m heading to Tel Aviv for the annual conference on “Print, Internet and Community” — will update when I can.

Mining U.K. News Coverage: A Great New Site

Check out Newspapers 2.0: OPML file for British newspaper RSS feeds at Martin Belam’s CurryBetDotNet for a fantastic way to aggregate and search news. As the BBC’s Robin Hamman explains: Want to know what every major UK newspaper website and blogger had to say about the Taliban’s renewed efforts to attack Kabul? Simply keyword search […]

Annals of Embarrassments to Journalism

Jack Shafer (Slate): Apple suck-up watch: Watching the press froth over a new cell phone. No drop of milk oozes from the Apple teat without a crowd of journalists gathering to swallowing it up.

Lessig Switches Career Gears, Takes Aim at Corruption

Lawrence Lessig: I have decided to shift my academic work, and soon, my activism, away from the issues that have consumed me for the last 10 years, towards a new set of issues: Namely, these. “Corruption” as I’ve defined it elsewhere will be the focus of my work. For at least the next 10 years, […]

WeFi: People Helping Map WiFi Hotspots

WeFi: With WeFi, each user contributes to the rest of the community by using the client and discovering more networks around. All this is reported to a centralized server and shared seamlessly among all users, resulting in easy connection. With our software you can also map your favorite hotspots, find your friends, share your WiFi […]

Welcome Transparency from Google

Google has launched a Public Policy Blog that is a model of the genre. A principal author is Andrew McLaughlin, the company’s director of public policy and government affairs (and a Berkman Fellow to boot). This is the kind of thing Google should do to excess, because the its growing clout — and knowledge of […]

Citizen Media Campaign Coverage

The Huffington Post and are launching Off the Bus, a site where citizen journalists will help cover the presidential campaign. It’s off to a promising start with the hiring of Amanda Michel and Zack Exley, two young people who are old hands at political campaigns.