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Posts on ‘June 25th, 2007’

On the Road (Continued)

Heading to Seoul for OhmyNews Citizen Reporters’ Forum, the annual citizen journalism gathering. It’s a great opportunity to catch up with some of what’s going on in this rapidly changing sphere. Look for several reports.

A Cautionary Tale

Laura Fries: Street Brawl in DC: A Case for Citizen Journalism. People talk about citizen journalism, and they talk mostly of the elites – white soccer moms contributing play by plays of their children, pictures and videos galore; lawyers posting nuanced descriptions of the latest city council development. But this – sweat, fear, alleged police […]

Books as Conversations and Ecosystems

My keynote this morning at the Print, Internet and Community conference in Tel Aviv had three main points, at least several of which are no surprise to regular visitors to this site. First, we have moved into a democratized media culture, where the tools of production and access are widely available. On a read-write Web, […]