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Posts on ‘June 20th, 2007’

Annals of Embarrassments to Journalism

Jack Shafer (Slate): Apple suck-up watch: Watching the press froth over a new cell phone. No drop of milk oozes from the Apple teat without a crowd of journalists gathering to swallowing it up.

Lessig Switches Career Gears, Takes Aim at Corruption

Lawrence Lessig: I have decided to shift my academic work, and soon, my activism, away from the issues that have consumed me for the last 10 years, towards a new set of issues: Namely, these. “Corruption” as I’ve defined it elsewhere will be the focus of my work. For at least the next 10 years, […]

WeFi: People Helping Map WiFi Hotspots

WeFi: With WeFi, each user contributes to the rest of the community by using the client and discovering more networks around. All this is reported to a centralized server and shared seamlessly among all users, resulting in easy connection. With our software you can also map your favorite hotspots, find your friends, share your WiFi […]