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Welcome Transparency from Google

Google has launched a Public Policy Blog that is a model of the genre. A principal author is Andrew McLaughlin, the company’s director of public policy and government affairs (and a Berkman Fellow to boot).

This is the kind of thing Google should do to excess, because the its growing clout — and knowledge of what so many people are doing — is making a lot of folks nervous.

1 Comment on “Welcome Transparency from Google”

  1. #1 Jon Garfunkel
    on Jun 19th, 2007 at 7:34 pm

    But a blog is *still* the wrong format.
    See Saturday’s Network Neutrality post. There’s 17 comments, but no reaction from Google. Monday comes, a new blog post, and any further analysis of Network Neutrality is yesterday’s news. That’s how blogs work: every day a topic created, every day a topic dropped.

    I do have something for Google to discuss, I’ll send it your way. With luck we can get a 24-hour window. 😐