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Posts on ‘June 19th, 2007’

Welcome Transparency from Google

Google has launched a Public Policy Blog that is a model of the genre. A principal author is Andrew McLaughlin, the company’s director of public policy and government affairs (and a Berkman Fellow to boot). This is the kind of thing Google should do to excess, because the its growing clout — and knowledge of […]

Citizen Media Campaign Coverage

The Huffington Post and are launching Off the Bus, a site where citizen journalists will help cover the presidential campaign. It’s off to a promising start with the hiring of Amanda Michel and Zack Exley, two young people who are old hands at political campaigns.

Globalization Buzz: Monitoring the Conversation

Andrew Leonard takes a look at the World Bank’s remarkable BuzzMonitor project: BuzzMonitor purports to make ample use of state-of-the-art techniques for rating the authority, relevance and popularity of whoever is commenting on whatever. Because we don’t just want to know who is talking about us; we want to know if we should take them […]