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Posts on ‘June 13th, 2007’

Media Transparency, or Lack Thereof

The The International Center for Media and the Public Agenda has released a fascinating and valuable study of transparency at 25 major journalism organizations with global or otherwise widespread audiences: A majority of the public believes the media can’t be trusted. Which global news sites are most transparent about their operations? Not necessarily the ones […]

Blair on Media, Media on Blair

The Guardian: Right sermon, wrong preacher. There is an easy response to Tony Blair’s lecture on the failings of the media, and some will seize on it. It is to accuse the prime minister – the master (some will say) of half truths, evasion and spin – of breathtaking hypocrisy and an almost clinical lack […]

"Human-powered Search" Paying Humans

Jason Calacanis, who calls his new venture Mahalo “human-powered search,” says the company will pay freelance searchers a fee for links the site accepts. He says he hopes for hundreds or thousands of people in this part-time capacity. This sounds to me like an updated version of the Open Directory Project, but this time with […]